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An initiative of the Diocese of Westminster

Growing in Faith supports Cardinal Nichols' vision for the future of our Diocese.

His vision is to have:

  • Parishes which are sound, prayerful and sustainable

  • Priests who are strengthened in their commitment, well formed, sustained in ministry and old age and renewed by new vocations

  • A vibrant programme of outreach to those in need in every parish with the active support of our Diocese


Growing in Faith was a special fundraising campaign, which helped build on our strong history and saw parishes working together to address our shared needs. Growing in Faith supported the Diocese through prayer, volunteering and financial support.

Our priorities have a cost to them and there is no doubt that we must generate additional funding to support these needs. This is the consequence of having a desire to grow - for our parishes, our priests, and our ministry to the poor.

From January 2012 to December 2014, parish by parish, priests and parishioners joined this historic initiative. More than 19,000 parishioners supported Growing in Faith with gifts and pledges, totalling £37million. This is a tremendous achievement and a wonderful expression of faith. It gives the Diocese the confidence and means to grow its mission across Westminster.

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