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“Our objective is to see young people set on fire with the Holy Spirit, devoted to the Eucharist and Mary, who invite their generation into a relationship with Jesus Christ, rebuild the Church, and transform society into a civilisation of love.”

Who We Are

Youth 2000 is an international spiritual initiative established to draw young people to a deep and lasting union with Jesus Christ, placing the Eucharist “the source and summit of the Christian life” at the centre of its mission. It was founded in 1990, by a young English man named Ernest Williams who was inspired by John Paul II’s call to young people at World Youth Day in 1989 at Santiago de Compostela:

“The new discovery of Christ - when it is authentic - always directly results in the desire to bring Him to others, that is, in a commitment to the apostolate. … It is not enough to discover Christ - you must bring Him to others! Аnd so, today’s world needs many apostles - especially apostles who are young and courageous. You young people have in a special way the task of witnessing today to the faith; the commitment to bring the Gospel of Christ - the Way, the Truth and the Life - into the third Christian Millennium, to build a new civilization - a civilization of love, of justice and of peace.

Pope St John Paul II, World Youth Day, August 1989

Many young people, both in the UK and beyond, attribute an encounter with Jesus and the Church at Youth 2000 as a major factor in their discernment of a vocation to the priesthood, religious life or married life. Many priests and religious come from all over the UK to take up their vital role in Youth 2000’s mission, some of whom tell us that Youth 2000 re-invigorated their vocation. For so many young people the friends they make at Youth 2000 are critical to sustaining their life of faith on an everyday basis.We give great thanks and praise to God for this and celebrate the fruitfulness of the mission and the generosity of countless people, which has made this possible over the past 30 years.

The London Prayer Meeting of Youth 2000 happens the first Thursday of every month at Holy Trinity Church, Brook Green.

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