This Sunday's Gospel

Today's Gospel which gives Jesus' parable of the labourers in the vineyard has frequently been misunderstood. In the story Jesus tells, those casual labourers who were hired at the last moment and worked only one hour of the day get paid as much as those who were hired early in the morning, and have borne the burden and heat of the whole day. We have to remember the nature of a parable. Jesus was not setting out to describe the world of labour relations, and the implementation of just wages for those on zero hours contracts! In telling a parable, Jesus is taking an everyday situation which would have been familiar to his hearers, and either comparing or contrasting it to life in the kingdom of God, which is really what he is talking about. The labourers hired at dawn stand for those who have served God faithfully all the way along, while those hired near sunset represent those who have only started to serve him late in life. This can be applied either to the individual believer, or to contrast the people of Israel who have been chosen by God for many centuries, with the Gentile converts to Christianity who have only now begun to be faithful to him. The point is that the last arrivals will receive the same heavenly reward as the first. Seen in this way, God will not be seen as unjust but as infinitely generous. This is the incentive for us never to despair of our salvation, but to turn back to the Lord, as the first reading says, 'to our God who is rich in forgiving.'



Face Coverings are mandatory in Places of Worship. All those who are attending churches must wear a face covering unless they are exempt from doing so.



Should I come to Mass or not? While we would all love for everyone to be able to come to Mass, we should think about our own wellbeing and the good of other people. You should not come to Mass if you have symptoms or feel unwell in any way. You should not come to Mass if you are very elderly or have health conditions that may mean you are particularly vulnerable. Think carefully about how you will travel to church and whether you can get there and back safely. The obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still lifted. You could come to a weekday Mass instead or as well as a Sunday Mass. The number of seats available in the church is limited: 46 places for individuals/couples/household units. Couples and family units who live in the same house can sit together without observing safe social distancing from each other, but of course must all be 2 metres away from anyone else in the church.

What will I have to do? Everyone will be asked to wear a mask and use the hand gel on the way in and out, and on arrival wait to be seated by the stewards. A collection is not taken: please place your envelope or offertory gift in the donation boxes in the entry and exit porches, as we need and welcome your kind gift! The stewards will usher you up to the altar for Holy Communion or a blessing. Holy Communion will be given in silence, and only on the hand. Please do not drop any litter or tissues.


What things will not be available? The toilets have to remain closed. There will be no access to the sacristy, parish centre or the parish office. Bookstand and repository are closed. Please bear all these factors in mind before deciding whether you should come to church. There is no holy water.


What will the Mass be like? We are following the instructions for Mass issued by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. These instructions are there to help keep the whole operation as safe as possible. Because we want to reduce the amount of time spent indoors, Mass will be shorter. There will be no singing or other ministries (e.g. no altar servers or choirs). But we do need a parish Reader for each Mass.




Important Message from Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Cases of COVID19 in Hammersmith and Fulham have been increasing for the last few weeks, especially in younger people aged 20 to 34 years.  We are advised to keep to the safety rules, which we have in church. Additionally, it is advisable to wear face coverings outside, wash hands more often, and keep 2 metres away from others. Avoid crowded places. The over 60’s and those with underlying health conditions may wish to consider staying away from church for the time being.




Times of Mass for the Week beginning Saturday 20th September


(The Church opens 15 minutes before Mass

and closes 15 minutes after Mass)



Saturday 19th September                  6.00 pm           First Mass of Sunday


Sunday 20th September                     8.30 am           Mass

25th Sunday of Year                               10.00 am          Mass

                                                                11.30 am           Mass


Monday 21st September                    6.00 pm           Mass

St Matthew


Tuesday 22nd September                   6.00 pm           Mass

                                                             followed by Rosary till 6.45 pm


Wednesday 23rd September             9.00 am           Mass

St Pius of Pietrelcina



Thursday 24th September                  9.00 am           Mass

Our Lady of Walsingham


Friday 25th September                       no Mass today


Saturday 26th September                  6.00 pm           First Mass of Sunday


Sunday 27th September                     8.30 am          Mass

26th Sunday of Year                               10.00 am          Mass

                                                                11.30 am           Mass




Saturday 6.30 pm

Sunday 12 noon 

We are only allowed to open the church for Mass if volunteer stewards are kindly available to ensure the required hygienic and social distancing arrangements are observed, and to clean thoroughly or sanitise the church after each Mass. If you would like to enquire about volunteering for this ministry, please contact the parish office.


First Holy Communion and Confirmation 

The Registration for Holy Communion

Thank you to the parents who left their details with Sr. Jenefer on 6th September. You will be contacted over the next few weeks.

Please note the preparation at Holy Trinity is for families who have attended Sunday Mass in this parish for several years. (apart from the last months of lockdown.)


Confirmation registration to be announced soon.

The interrupted preparation for the sacraments of Holy Communion & Confirmation for both children and adults are underway.

NB: Numbers in church will be limited for the sake of everyone’s safety.

Please pray for all the children receiving Holy Communion for the first time, for the young adults being confirmed and for Kilian & Ewa soon to be received into the Catholic Church (See back page).


Interested in becoming a Catholic? Are you searching for God? Attracted to the Catholic Faith? Wanting to know more? Why not join our Journey in Faith and see if God is calling you to belong to the Catholic Church? For more details, speak to Fr. Richard or Fr. Mark or leave an email at

Children's Liturgy at 10.00am is not taking place at present, children remain with parents during Mass.  Thank you Vittoria & her team!


Children’s activities can be found at www.wednesdayword

Father Mark receives a new appointment

This week a number of new clergy appointments by the Cardinal have been announced, including Father Mark being appointed Assistant Priest in the Parish of St Mary Magdalen Willesden Green, having served for two years in our parish. He has shown himself to be a devoted pastor and priest, and we shall we sad to see him move. The appointment takes effect at the beginning of November, so we shall make the most of the time he is still with us. Next weekend (when Fr Mark will be away on retreat!) we shall be pleased to receive donations towards a presentation to Fr Mark. Donations can be placed in a box at the back of church marked 'Father Mark Presentation' or put through the presbytery letterbox in an envelope similarly marked. Cheques should be payable to Holy Trinity Brook Green, with 'Father Mark Presentation' written on the back of the cheque. We will make a presentation to Fr Mark at the Masses on Saturday evening/Sunday morning 24th/25th October, Fr Mark's last weekend with us. Due to coronavirus restrictions we are unable to have a social gathering, but hope to invite him back to a parish party when such events are again possible!

The Cardinal has appointed Father Rajiv Michael, currently a Chaplain of Westminster Cathedral, as our new Assistant Priest here at Holy Trinity, and we shall welcome him at the beginning of November.

Thank you to all who have been able to continue giving in these difficult times.

If you wish to make a one-off donation, or continue giving, please use the red DONATION button on the right which will allow you to easily use your credit or debit card Please make sure to label your donation as Planned Giving (when you normally use envelopes) or simply donation (if not gift aiding).

Alternatively, you may make any offering via bank transfer to:


Acc Name: Westminster Roman Catholic Diocese Trustee, Brook Green Holy Trinity

Acc no: 01308173

Sort Code: 40-05-20


Thank you for remembering that without your donations the parish cannot run. A lot of expenses remain whilst our income has been drastically reduced. We are very grateful for your continued support.

Planned Giving Envelopes

Parishioners who are donating by envelopes are kindly requested to come and collect their boxes from the parish office during office hours. Thank you.

         News and updates
Regular Mass, Liturgy and   sacramental times will resume, after restrictions have been lifted, as follows:
                Mass Times


         Saturday (Vigil) - 6pm

         Sunday - 8.30am / 10am / 11.30am / 6pm

         Syriac Rite Mass - Sunday 1pm

         Daily Mass - 9.30am & 6pm

         Holy Days - 9.30am / 12.30pm / 6pm


​                           Rosary


                 Monday to Friday 6.30pm




    Saturday 10am - 10.30am / 5.15pm - 5.40pm


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament


      Saturday 5pm - 5.45pm

First Friday  6.30pm-7.30pm

Mass Intentions

Requests for Mass intentions can be made by email, by phone or in person. It is customary to make an offering when requesting a Mass intention. This has always been a contribution to the support of the priests of the particular parish where the Mass is being said. The Diocese of Westminster suggests the figure of £10 as a guideline, but it is of course entirely the free choice of the donor to decide this.

Each Thursday Mass is being offered for all working in the NHS and all Hospital Chaplains

Certificate of Catholic Practice for Secondary School Applications

Our priests will be available for interviews with parents requesting the signing of such a certificate from Monday 21st September onwards. You can book an appointment by contacting the parish office, and you will need to obtain and complete an information form to bring with you to the interview.


To comply with Covid safety guidelines, we will allocate 20 minutes for each appointment and will expect you to be on time. If you miss your slot your appointment will have to be rebooked. Parents should ring the office door bell and sanitise their hands before coming to the office. Should a queue develop, only one person at a time will be able to wait inside, hence the importance of arriving on time.


Appointments for interviews concerning nursery or primary school applications cannot be made until after half term.

Full time Nursery places

from 9-3pm are still available at St Mary’s Primary Catholic School, Masbro Road. If your child is 3 years old on 31st August prior to starting in September or 3 years old by 31st December prior to starting in January please contact Robina Maher, Headteacher of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School:

All children are entitled to a free funded place for 15 hours a week. Some are eligible for 30 hours. If not, the afternoon sessions are offered for £20 per day. 

Christian Marriage: a journey of healing

On Friday 29th September the Church celebrated the Great Feast of the Three Archangels: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Can you identify them in the picture above?


Michael carries a sword in his hand to defend your marriage from the Devil who accuses us when we sin, lies to us about what makes us happy, and puts in our minds doubts about the love of God.


Gabriel carries a pregnant womb, the visible sign that every Word of God carries new life and can become flesh in your marriage, because ‘nothing is impossible to God’.

The third angel, in the middle, is Raphael, meaning ‘God’s healing’. This Angel carries the hand of a young man - called Tobias - and is walking with him towards the marriage with Sarah. Raphael is the Guardian Angel of Tobias and Sarah,and of EVERY married couple.

Planning to get married?​​
Marriage Preparation Course 2020

Our marriage preparation course concluded in March and no further courses will be held this year. 

Our course is open to all couples intending to marry in a Catholic Church, regardless of which parish you live in. If you are interested in attending a course in the future please speak to Father Mark or e-mail him:                     

Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Brook Green - 41 Brook Green, W6 7BL - Tel: 020 7603 3832 - email: