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Today's Bible Reflection

‘You are dust and to dust you shall return.’

These bold words from the book of Genesis were addressed to us while receiving the ashes on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday this year. But the full verse from which they were taken reads:

‘You shall eat the bread with the sweat of your brow until you return to the soil, because you were taken from it. For you are dust and unto dust you shall return.’ (Genesis 3:19.)

Apart from the appalling truth about human frailty expressed by these words, this sentence also marks out the direction for us to follow for the whole of the Lenten journey. The ‘sweat of our brow,’ i.e., our labours and sacrifices, our abstinence, are not a Curse (a means for destruction,) but a Blessing (a means for Salvation,) which promises us to ‘eat the bread,’ to be satisfied, to live a Happy Life in which we do not to feel hungry all the time.

Much of our spiritual health depends on the physical activity we undertake because of love. He who does not offer his/her body for the love of God and of neighbour, with its consequent labours, usually undergoes more meaningless and more destructive pains caused by loneliness and distress.

Since the Lord has loved us first, since he has given himself up for us first and has sweated first, then let us fast, let us give alms and let us pray, with our bodies, so that this ‘our sweat’ may gain for us and others the ‘daily bread’ of some concrete and evident manifestations of charity. 

Fr Juan

Quick Links

Times of Mass and Devotions for the week beginning 18th February 24


Saturday                                              9.30 am Mass

Lent feria                                              6.00 pm First Mass of Sunday

                                                                          followed by Confessions

Sunday 18th February                         8.30 am Mass

First Sunday of Lent                            10.00 am Family Mass

                                                              11.30 am Solemn Mass

                                                                         followed by Confessions

                                                               6.30 pm Mass

Monday                                               6.00 pm Mass

Lent feria                                                       followed by Adoration until 7.00 pm


Tuesday                                                6.00 pm Mass followed by Rosary

Lent feria                                              7.00pm Lent Talk in Church


Wednesday                                          6.00pm Mass

Lent feria                                              6.30pm Stations of the Cross


Thursday                                               9.00 am Mass followed by Divine Mercy Prayers

Chair of St Peter


Friday                                                    9.00 am

Lent feria                                               9.30am Stations of the Cross


Saturday                                                9.30 am Mass

Lent feria                                               6.00 pm First Mass of Sunday

                                                                          followed by Confessions


Sunday 25th February                         8.30 am Mass

Second Sunday of Lent                       10.00 am Family Mass

                                                               11.30 am Solemn Mass

                                                                                followed by Confessions

                                                               6.30 pm Mass


Announcements This Week

This Weekend: Collection of Non-Perishable Foodstuffs for the Hammersmith & Fulham Foodbank Bring with you to Mass and leave in the porch. Latest time – by 6.30 pm Sunday, as the foodbank collects our gifts early Monday morning, Specially needed are long life milk and long life juice. The need for help from the foodbank is ever-increasing, so we will try to increase our support!


Lent Talk in the Church this Tuesday 20th February at 7.00 pm – by Fr Anthony Doe (Allen Hall Seminary.) On 'The Transfiguration, the Woman at the Well and The Man Born Blind.'


Our Parish Course on Marriage, Faith and Family Life continues in the Parish Centre every Thursday at 8.30 pm until 21st March. Please speak with Father Juan or contact the parish office for more information.


Friday this week is the CAFOD Lent Fast Day. The idea is to make an act of self-denial, and to give the money saved to CAFOD for their work in developing countries. There will be a collection for CAFOD at the end of the Masses next weekend. If you take and use one of the CAFOD envelopes, you can gift aid your donation.

HCPT – runs an Easter holiday in Lourdes for children with special needs. Our parishioner Karen Townsend is a helper this year. Helpers volunteer their time and pay their own fare. Help Karen's fundraising in Lent so that we can assist in raising the £1050 for another special needs child to go. HCPT is also asking if we know of other children with special needs who might benefit from a week in Lourdes, whose families might also need some respite.

Mary’s Meals wants to collect all your foreign currency and turn it into cash, to feed hungry children in the 18 countries in which it works. You will find envelopes at the back of the church. Please take one when you leave and put all your foreign coins, notes and UK coins/notes that are not legal tender into it. Then bring your envelope back into church on Sunday March 3rd, or return it any time from now on through the secure presbytery letterbox. Mary’s Meals feeds children for only 10p per meal so a little goes a long way. Thank you for your support.

Justice and Peace. Toulu Akerele is our new Parish Justice and Peace Contact with the Diocese. We would like to start setting up a J & P Group in the parish – and to get things going in Lent. Let us know you would like to be part of this so we can update you.


Our Lent Journey

'To Jerusalem with Jesus'

• Copies of 'Walk with Me' on sale at £1, with a daily Bible reading, reflection and prayer – this time on the theme of the Lord's Prayer. This will help us to keep Lent prayerfully, and to prepare for the 2025 Holy Year of Jubilee.

• Stations of the Cross: Wednesdays at 6.30 pm, Fridays at 9.30 am.

• Adoration and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament: Mondays, 6.30 – 7.00 pm.

• Lent Talks in church on Tuesdays 20th February and 12th March at 7.00 pm.

Monthly devotion on Saturday 2nd March at 2pm. The first hour will be dedicated to “St Joseph” followed by The Stations of the Cross and concluded by 30 minutes of Silent Adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament. All are welcome.

Holy Year of Jubilee 2025 The Catholic Church celebrates a Holy Year every 25 years. The next one starts at the beginning of Advent 2024. The theme of the 2025 Holy Year is 'Pilgrims of Hope.' More information over the coming months! To prepare for the Holy Year there is starting now a Year of Prayer. Each week you will be able to use part of the recent catechesis of Pope Francis on prayer. The next part will be on the parish website, and there are some printed copies at the back of church.


Holy Trinity Cine Club: for children in Year 7 to Year 9, and  Year 10 to 12 on a Friday evening once a month. Quality ‘surprise’ movie followed by discussion and pizza. All are welcome, suggested donation of £5 towards running costs. Contact See poster in the church porch.


Congratulations to Stacey, Jeremy & Francesca who celebrated the Rite of Election on Saturday at Westminster Cathedral with Cardinal Vincent. They are now official candidates for the Easter Sacraments. Stacey & Jeremy will be baptised, confirmed & receive their first Eucharist & Francesca will be confirmed at the Easter Vigil. Please pray for them.



The Liturgy of the Word for young children resumes next Sunday at 10.00am Mass.

Prayer Workshop is on hold until Sr. John is up and active again. 


Preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism: If you have a child for Baptism under 5 years old please email us for an application form. You will be contacted once the form has been received. A copy of one of the Catholic parents’ baptism certificate will be required.  Baptisms can only take place on Saturdays at 11am.


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