Today's Readings and Gospel

The First Reading on this Pentecost Sunday, the fiftieth and last day of the Easter Season, is from the Acts of the Apostles. With the coming of the Holy Spirit today, accompanied by the outward signs of wind and fire, after the nine-day prayer of Mary and the Apostles following Christ's Ascension, the Church is born and the Apostles are driven out to begin the proclamation of the Gospel. The fact that the mission of the Church is to all nations, and that despite this the Church is a unity, is symbolised by the preaching of the Apostles on this day to people of many different nations who were in Jerusalem, but each of whom heard the message spoken in his own language.


In the Second Reading, from St Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians, we are told that the basic confession of Christian faith, 'Jesus is Lord', is made under the influence of the Holy Spirit. He goes on to explain that there is a great variety of gifts of the Holy Spirit, who works through many different people in many different ways. Despite this, we form a unity as parts of the Body of Christ, through our Baptism in the one Holy Spirit, who is given to us all to drink.


The Gospel reminds us that the Holy Spirit whose outpouring reaches its climax on Pentecost, began to be given to the Apostles in the Upper Room on Easter Sunday evening, when the Risen Christ appeared to them, gave them his greeting of peace, and breathed on them to grant them the gift of the Holy Spirit to forgive sins in his name.

A video meditation on the Holy Spirit at Pentecost,

using Christian art and music, to help us as we spend time in prayer on the Vigil of Pentecost, as the Cardinal has encouraged us to do. It can be found at 


The Cardinal’s video message for Pentecost 


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News and updates
Regular Mass, Liturgy and sacramental times will resume, after lockdown, as follows:
Mass Times


Saturday (Vigil) - 6pm

Sunday - 8.30am / 10am / 11.30am / 6pm

Syriac Rite Mass - Sunday 1pm

Daily Mass - 9.30am & 6pm

Holy Days - 9.30am / 12.30pm / 6pm




Monday to Friday 6.30pm




Saturday 10am - 10.30am / 5.15pm - 5.40pm


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament


Saturday 5pm - 5.45pm

First Friday  6.30pm-7.30pm

Parish Facebook Page


It is good to know that so many of you are now following the Holy Trinity page on Facebook. As you know, the purpose of this is to pray and communicate with as many parishioners as possible, especially those who are feeling lonely or isolated and cut off from the church community. You do not need to have a Facebook account to access our page.


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By popular demand, Holy Trinity will celebrate Mass online instead of the Liturgy of the Word and Prayers. It is planned that two Masses will be celebrated per week: one on a weekday, and the other on Sundays at 11:30.

All are welcome to join us. Please tell your friends!



Some older people confined to home during the coronavirus emergency may not have anyone to get food shopping or prescriptions for them. If this is you, or someone close to you, please contact the Parish Office by phone or email and we will try and match you up with a parish volunteer who may be able to help.


If you are one of our adult parishioners willing to volunteer in this way, please also let us know. (A number of you already kindly have done so – thank you!) We will then contact you to acknowledge your offer, attempt to match you with someone who would like help, and give you a few guidelines.

Mass Intentions

Although the church building has to remain closed, Mass is still being offered each day in our church. As is the case in normal circumstances, requests can still be made for the Mass to be offered for a particular intention, (which may be for a living or deceased person). To be able to let someone know that Mass is being offered for them, or perhaps for a sick or departed family member, is a lovely spiritual gift, and a powerful way of intercession. During this period when the parish office cannot be open, requests for Mass intentions can be made by e mail, or by phone to one of the priests. Usually people request a particular date: if that date has already been requested by someone else, a date nearby will be suggested to you, as each Mass can only be offered for one intention. One Sunday Mass is always offered for the intention of all the people of the parish. It is customary to make an offering when requesting a Mass intention. This has always been a contribution to the support of the priests of the particular parish where the Mass is being said. The Diocese of Westminster suggests the figure of £10 as a guideline, but it is of course entirely the free choice of the donor to decide this. In the present period when the parish office is closed, please make your requests for Mass intentions which can be celebrated now but wait until the church and office are open again before coming to make your offering, or make your donation online (details above and on the red DONATION button on the right) Sometimes people send a card to let someone know Mass is being said for them or one of their family members, but this is not essential, and indeed during this period of closure we cannot supply Mass cards.

Each Thursday Mass is being offered for all working in the NHS and all Hospital Chaplains

A message from Fr Richard: 

Dear Parishioners,


It is now a little over two months since places of worship needed to close, in order to protect everyone from the further spread of the coronavirus, and this period has included the second half of Lent, Holy Week, and now all of the Easter season. Fr Mark and I have been privileged still to be able to celebrate daily Mass in the church, and although none of you as our parishioners could be physically present, we have taken you with us spiritually to the altar. Also, many have been able to participate through the parish Facebook page in the broadcast Masses and devotions which Fr Mark is celebrating each week.


As we move into phase two of the easing of restrictions, the Government has hinted that within the next few weeks, places of worship will be allowed to be open, for individual prayer, although not as yet for public services or corporate prayer of any kind. When it is safe for such an opening of the church to commence is a Government decision, not one that can be made by the Diocese or by our parish.


But from now on we can begin to make the preparations the Diocese has explained are necessary.  When the church is able to open for individual prayer, social distancing and hygienic requirements will need to be strictly observed, so that all are protected from the coronavirus. This will require the marking in the church of places where people may sit, the direction in which we may move around the church, with floor markings to keep us at a safe distance from each other, and the regular cleaning and sanitising of the church. Whenever the church is open we will need a team of three stewards on duty – at the entrance and exit of the church, and in the church itself. These or other volunteers will also need to do a thorough domestic clean of the church every day, and at more regular intervals any areas of frequent touch.


If you are prepared to help as a volunteer steward and/or cleaner, do please let us know by email: or by leaving a message on our church mobile 07999 506 232. Please tell us which day(s) of the week you could be a volunteer, whether morning, afternoon or evening, and how long you could stay for – two hours would be very helpful.


We need to begin to assemble our helpers now, so that when it is authorised to do so, we shall be in a position to open the church, having drawn up a rota. Because of all the requirements to be met, it is likely that the church will at first only be open for a short period each day, depending on the number of volunteers.  We will give all volunteers a rota, and announce on the church door and on the website the times of opening. Volunteers need to be fit and healthy, not over 70 years of age, or those with certain pre-existing health conditions, self-isolating or shielding. All necessary protective clothing and cleaning materials will be provided.


With your help, it will be possible from whatever the authorised date is, to open our church for our parishioners and visitors to come and pray individually. If you cannot volunteer to help, do please come and pray in the church, once it is allowed to be open, unless you are one of those asked for health reasons to stay at home. We look forward to being able, when the church opens, to display outside it our banner with a photograph of our stained glass window of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which has the text from St John's Gospel, 'The Master is here, and is asking for you.'


With all blessings and best wishes,



Christian Marriage: a journey of healing

On Friday 29th September the Church celebrated the Great Feast of the Three Archangels: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Can you identify them in the picture above?


Michael carries a sword in his hand to defend your marriage from the Devil who accuses us when we sin, lies to us about what makes us happy, and puts in our minds doubts about the love of God.


Gabriel carries a pregnant womb, the visible sign that every Word of God carries new life and can become flesh in your marriage, because ‘nothing is impossible to God’.

The third angel, in the middle, is Raphael, meaning ‘God’s healing’. This Angel carries the hand of a young man - called Tobias - and is walking with him towards the marriage with Sarah. Raphael is the Guardian Angel of Tobias and Sarah,and of EVERY married couple.

Planning to get married?​​
Marriage Preparation Course 2020

Our marriage preparation course concluded in March and no further courses will be held this year. 

Our course is open to all couples intending to marry in a Catholic Church, regardless of which parish you live in. If you are interested in attending a course in the future please speak to Father Mark or e-mail him:


Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Brook Green - 41 Brook Green, W6 7BL - Tel: 020 7603 3832 - email: