"Come and you will see!" 

Coming to Jesus means entering into the state of being seen by him and sharing his ability to see...To become one who sees is, then, the meaning of coming to Jesus. Above where he dwells, the heavens open, the hidden realm of God (Jn 1:51). There we stand in God’s holiness. “Come and you will see”—the words are

reminiscent of the Communion Psalm of the Church: “O taste and see the goodness of the Lord” (Ps 33:8).

It is coming, then, and only coming, that leads to seeing. Tasting opens the eyes. Just as once in paradise the eyes of Adam and Eve were so fatefully opened by their eating of the forbidden fruit, so the opposite is true here—the tasting of truth opens the eyes so that we see how good God is. Only in coming, only in Jesus’ abode, are we able to see. Without the risk of coming, there can be no seeing....we have all begun our journey with the Church’s full acknowledgment of the Son of God, but this kind of coming “at your word”, this kind of going to his abode is, nevertheless, for us too a prerequisite of our own seeing. And it is only those who are themselves able to see, who are no longer secondhand believers, who can make disciples of others. 

- Benedict XVI, Co-Workers of the Truth

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During the present lockdown, unlike the previous lockdowns, churches may remain open for public worship. This means that the Church will open for Mass each day at the advertised times. But this is entirely dependent on the kindness of our volunteer stewards, who ensure safe social distancing, record those who come into church, help us to observe all the guidelines, and sanitise the church after each service. We are tremendously grateful to them for their dedicated service. Please contact the parish office if you would like to find out about becoming a steward, as we do need to enlarge the team. The obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and holy days remains suspended, as it is not always possible or safe to do so. You must not come to Mass if you are self-isolating, feel unwell, or show any symptoms of any kind of sickness. Unless you are medically exempt you must wear a mask in church; (does not apply to children.) Please do remember to keep in your bubble or family group at church, and to disperse quickly after leaving the church, and not to gather for sociability, as this could contribute to the spread of the virus. We keep especially in our prayers at all Masses the sick, their carers, all NHS staff and chaplains, those self-isolating, the bereaved and the departed.

Times of Mass and Devotions

for the Week beginning Sunday 17th January 21

(Made possible due to the generosity of our volunteer stewards, who will ensure safe social distancing is maintained and that the hygienic cleaning of the seating etc takes place.)



Saturday 16th January                  6.00pm Mass  (church opens 5.45 pm)

Feria - of BV Mary                                         followed by Confessions

Sunday 17th January                     8.30 am Mass (church opens 8.15 am)

2nd Sunday of the Year                     10.00 am Mass (church opens 9.45 am)

                                                            11.30 am Mass (church opens 11.15 am)

                                                                    followed by Confessions


Monday 18th January                   6.00pm Mass (church opens 5.45 pm)

Feria (Week 2, Yr 1)                                    


Tuesday 19th January                   6.00pm Mass (church opens 5.45 pm)

feria                                                            followed by Roasary


Wednesday 20th January             9.00 am Mass (church opens at 8.45am)

St Sebastian


Thursday 21st January                 9.00 am Mass (church opens at 8.45am)

St Agnes                                                      followed by Divine Mercy Prayers


Friday 22nd January                       9.00 am Mass (church opens at 8.45am)

St Vincent


Saturday 23rd January                  6.00pm Mass  (church opens 5.45 pm)

Feria - of BV Mary                                         followed by Confessions

Sunday 24th January                     8.30 am Mass (church opens 8.15 am)

3rd Sunday of the Year                     10.00 am Mass (church opens 9.45 am)

                                                            11.30 am Mass (church opens 11.15 am)

                                                                    followed by Confessions



We are only allowed to open the church if volunteer stewards are kindly available to ensure the required hygienic and social distancing arrangements are observed, and to clean thoroughly or sanitise the church after each Mass. If you would like to enquire about volunteering for this ministry, please contact the parish office.



Parish Readers are invited to collect a copy of the 2021 Sunday Missal from the presbytery, to keep at home to prepare their readings, as we unable to leave these out at the back of church during the pandemic. On Sunday 24th January, 3rd Sunday of the Year, the Sunday of the Word of God, there will be at all Masses a blessing of parish Readers as they are recommissioned for the year ahead. A fitting way to bring to its climax the Year of the Word, 'The God Who Speaks.'

Confirmation candidates:

Looking forward to seeing all the candidates via zoom tomorrow Monday at 7.00pm, prompt.



First Holy Communion Meetings are on hold until after Half Term.



Meetings for those interested in the Catholic Faith continue via zoom. For more details, email srjenefer@rcdow.org.uk All recently received Catholics and new enquirers are welcome.



Children’s Liturgy resumes on the parish Facebook page every Sunday, thanks to our dedicated Children’s Liturgy Team. View it with your young children & say if you ‘like’ it!





Preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism

 If you have a child for Baptism under 5 years old please email us for an application form. You will be contacted once the form has been received. A copy of one of the Catholic parents’ baptism certificate will be required.  Baptisms can only take place on Saturdays at 11am with special Covid safety measures in place,however, during lockdown baptisms are not allowed.

Certificate of Catholic Practice for Nursery and Primary School Applications

Due to lockdown restrictions no personal interviews with parents can take place. Please email the parish office in order to obtain and complete an information form and a certificate of Catholic practice:


Thank you to all who have been able to continue giving in these difficult times.

If you wish to make a one-off donation, or continue giving, please use the red DONATION button on the right which will allow you to easily use your credit or debit card Please make sure to label your donation as Planned Giving (when you normally use envelopes) or simply donation (if not gift aiding).

Alternatively, you may make any offering via bank transfer to:


Acc Name: Westminster Roman Catholic Diocese Trustee, Brook Green Holy Trinity

Acc no: 01308173

Sort Code: 40-05-20


Thank you for remembering that without your donations the parish cannot run. A lot of expenses remain whilst our income has been drastically reduced. We are very grateful for your continued support.

Christian Marriage: a journey of healing

On Friday 29th September the Church celebrated the Great Feast of the Three Archangels: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Can you identify them in the picture above?


Michael carries a sword in his hand to defend your marriage from the Devil who accuses us when we sin, lies to us about what makes us happy, and puts in our minds doubts about the love of God.


Gabriel carries a pregnant womb, the visible sign that every Word of God carries new life and can become flesh in your marriage, because ‘nothing is impossible to God’.

The third angel, in the middle, is Raphael, meaning ‘God’s healing’. This Angel carries the hand of a young man - called Tobias - and is walking with him towards the marriage with Sarah. Raphael is the Guardian Angel of Tobias and Sarah,and of EVERY married couple.

Planning to get married?​​
Marriage Preparation Course 2021

Our course is open to all couples intending to marry in a Catholic Church, regardless of which parish you live in. If you are interested in attending a course in the future please email us: brookgreen@rcdow.org.uk 

Due to lockdown there is currently no date set for a marriage course.                 

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