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Today's Bible Reflection

The Lord has chosen disciples to be sent to evangelise. Of course, it would be wrong to say that Jesus seeks collaborators out of necessity. Then what is the meaning of this mission? God could save the world on his own, otherwise he is not God. But he rather wanted to involve people in his salvific mission, to make them bearers of his uniquely different love. In fact, the word ‘apostle’ means ‘sent one.’

One of the aspects that stands out in the Gospel today is that Jesus sent them out ‘two by two.’ Evangelising in groups of two is consistent with the fact that the Lord wants to encourage his disciples to be detached not only from material goods, but from their own interests, since those who live preoccupied only about themselves are not able to transmit the love of God. They are sent two by two because the relationship between them speaks much louder than words. It makes it truly evident that something divine has happened amongst the brothers of Christ. They are truly Sons of God, not because of what they say and don’t do, but because their relationships have been re-focused. Their attitude is always to be interested in the benefit of the other and not their own.

Perhaps the most characteristic note of the life of the first Christians was that they knew how to love each other. This will be the sign by which they will be recognised by the pagans. ‘Behold how they love one another! They are willing to die for each other!’ (Tertullian) Their words are thus verified by their life’s witness. They put into practice Jesus’ ultimate command ‘Love one another as I have loved you’, because God was at work in them. This is not just philanthropy, humanitarianism or willpower. This is a miracle; this is God visible among men.

                                                 Fr Juan

Times of Mass and Devotions for the week beginning Sunday 14th July 24


Saturday                                           9.30 am Mass

feria - of BV Mary 6.00pm Mass

                                                                  followed by Confessions


Sunday 14th July                            8.30 am Mass

15th Sunday of the Year      10.00 am Family Mass    

                                                          11.30 am Solemn Mass

                                                                   followed by Confessions

                                                           6.30 pm Mass

Monday                                           6.00pm Mass

St Bonaventure followed by Adoration and Benediction


Tuesday                                           6.00 pm Mass followed by Rosary     



Wednesday                                     6.30 pm End of Year Larmenier School Leavers' Mass

feria         Parishioners welcome.


Thursday                                         9.00 am Mass followed by Rosary



Friday                                               9.00 am Mass  

feria followed by Divine Mercy Prayers



Saturday                                           9.30 am Mass

feria - of BV Mary 6.00pm Mass

followed by Confessions


Sunday 21st July                            8.30 am Mass

16th Sunday of the Year       10.00 am Family Mass    

                                                          11.30 am Solemn Mass

                                                                   followed by Confessions

                                                           6.30 pm Mass


Announcements This Week


TODAY Sunday, 14th July

Farewell Celebration for Sr Jenefer Glencross


• 10.00 am Thanksgiving Mass for Sr Jenefer's ministry among us

• 11.00 am – 2.00 pm Celebration Party in the Parish Centre – all welcome!

• This will be a Bring and Share Lunch, drinks will be provided

• Presentation to Sr Jenefer

Second collection after Mass as a sign of appreciation for the 28 years of ministry that she has given to the Lord by serving the people of this parish.

A Warm Welcome to our friend Father Vincent Nsumba, who teaches in seminary in Uganda, and who is staying with us in the parish until nearly the end of August. Do please make yourself known to him!

The Revd James Boyle, recently ordained as a deacon of our diocese, has been appointed to assist Fr Richard and Fr Juan in ministering to our parish, from September until next year. This is the final part of his seminary formation, leading to ordination as a priest of our diocese in the summer of 2025. Deacon James will take up residence in the presbytery at the beginning of September.

Prayer Workshop final meeting before the holidays: Thursday 18th July at 2.00pm at Nazareth House Prayer Centre. All welcome.


It is a pleasure to Introduce Catherine McNeil who is taking responsibility for the rota for Readers at 10.00am Mass. Please see Catherine if you would like to do a Reading at 10.00am. Thank you Catherine for taking on this important role.


Endings & beginnings: As we come towards the end of the year we thank God for our new Catholics Jeremy & Stacey, baptised at the Easter Vigil and pray for new enquirers and those still on the journey into the Church.

Anyone interested in the Catholic Church is welcome to speak to one of the priests or make contact through the website.


Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

Thank you to all benefactors who have contributed so far to help reduce the cost. All places have now been filled but donations will still be gratefully received.


Holy Trinity Cine Club: for children in Year 7 to Year 9, and  Year 10 to 12 on a Friday evening once a month. Quality ‘surprise’ movie followed by discussion and pizza. All are welcome, suggested donation of £5 towards running costs. Contact See poster in the church porch. The Cine Club returns after the summer holidays.


Preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism: If you have a child for Baptism under 5 years old please email us for an application form. You will be contacted once the form has been received. A copy of one of the Catholic parents’ baptism certificate will be required.  Baptisms can only take place on Saturdays at 11am.

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